Benchmark and Advance Computational Methods for Targeted Strain Detection

The second Mosaic Community Challenge: Strains #2 is now live! 

In order to develop biotherapeutic products that are based on live strains of commensal bacteria, we need to be able to accurately detect and track how these product strains perform in patients after they are administered. Being able to accurately detect specific strains, given that there may be closely related strains in the sample, is the first step towards characterization of biotherapeutic products in terms of their dosage and efficacy.

Strains Challenge #2 is a slightly different problem than the first Strains Challenge. Strains #1 is looking at advancing methods to profile a sample at the strain-level, whereas Strains #2 is a targeted study to track the presence of certain known strains in a sample. Learn more and sign up to participate here.

Webinar: Introduction to Strains #2 Challenge 

Date: Wednesday, February 21st
Time: 10:30am PST (1:30pm EST)

Join us for an introduction to the Strains #2 challenge, and hear the challenge sponsors discuss how you can participate and contribute to the improvement of strain-level microbial analysis.