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Announcing Enhanced Nextflow Support

At the recent Nextflow Summit in Barcelona, Product Manager and Principal Scientist, Dr. Yih-Chii Hwang, talked about some of the significant improvements we've recently made to our support for building, executing, and sharing Nextflow pipelines on DNAnexus Titan™ and DNA nexus Apollo™. 

The enhanced support will allow users to run Nextflow pipelines at large scale, across multiple computational environments, and enable users to easily import Nextflow pipelines. Additionally, this enhanced support will allow organizations working in a regulated environment to create and execute Nextflow pipelines in a GxP compliant platform.

Now users with the proper licensing and credentials can easily create a DNAnexus applet by importing Nextflow pipelines directly from the nf-core community or build their own Nextflow pipeline from their local drives. DNAnexus users can take advantage of an intuitive guided user interface or a command line interface to import, adjust parameters, execute analysis, and monitor progress all within the scalable, secure, GxP compliant, DNAnexus environment. 

By bringing together Nextflow workflows onto DNAnexus Titan or DNAnexus Apollo organizations can:

  • Quickly develop, test, and implement Nextflow pipelines
  • Automatically track all inputs and outputs of pipelines to support compliance
  • Utilize either an elegant guided user interface or an easy to use command line interface
  • Share Nextflow pipelines with other users across your organization or beyond

In the presentation, using an RNAseq pipeline as an example, Dr. Hwang demonstrates how to bring nf-core pipelines into DNAnexus through a simple import. She then demonstrates how additional parameters and privacy settings can be configured and analysis executed. You'll see how to monitor the progress of analysis jobs and how to view pipeline results. 



To learn step-by-step how to import nf-core pipelines on DNAnexus or learn how to build your own Nextflow pipeline see our user guide or schedule a call with one of our account managers to learn more about how we can help enable standardized, scalable -omics analysis within your organization. 

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