DNAnexus Heads to Orlando for AGBT 2016

AGBT_logo_350Each February, droves of scientists descend upon Florida for the annual Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) conference. The conference is a mix of long days filled with presentations, and lively nights consisting of cocktail parties and networking. This February 10-13th , the conference takes place in Orlando, considered by some to be the “happiest place on earth,” where global researchers, leaders, and innovators will meet to share new discoveries and cutting edge breakthroughs.

If you’re headed to AGBT, please join us in Marbella 2 to discuss our latest projects, datasets, and tools. It’s been one heck of a rocket ship ride in 2015; already 2016 promises even more opportunities for fruitful collaborations.

Learn how DNAnexus is transforming the PacBio de novo assembly experience by providing industry-leading reference-quality genome assembly services. We’ve updated the most popular PacBio SMRT Analysis 3.0 tools and structural variant callers (e.g. Parliament) on the DNAnexus Platform.

DNAnexus Events at AGBT
Software Demo
DNAnexus, The Global Network for Genomics
From structural variant analysis to ENCODE pipelines & more, just ask Singer how DNAnexus might help your genomics research project.
Singer Ma, Scientist, DNAnexus
Thursday, February 11th, 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Coquina North & South

Party Under the Stars
Friday, February 12th, 9:30pm
Fairways Lawn
Join us for libations and lively discussions under the stars.
Co-hosted with Pacific Biosciences, BioNano Genomics, New England BioLabs, Sage Science, and DNAnexus.

DNAnexus Supported Science
We’re proud to support the truly innovative research of our customers who push the envelope in advancing genomic science and medicine. Be sure to check out these posters at AGBT!

Poster #609:  Challenges in Large-Scale Human Whole Genome Sequencing with HiSeq X Ten: Towards Clinical Applications 
Yi Han, Baylor College of Medicine

Poster #704:  Rapid Capture Methods for Comprehensive Carrier Screening
Donna Muzny, Baylor College of Medicine

Poster #705:  Transplanted Organ Surveillance by Genomic Analysis of Donor-derived cfDNA 
Marica Grskovic, CareDx, Inc.

Poster #1210:  Rapid and scalable typing of structural variants with assembly-based indexing 
Will Salerno, Baylor College of Medicine

Poster #1906:  Analytical Validation of a Clinical Grade NGS dd-cfDNA Assay: Lessons from cloud computation Infrastructures and methods-based proficiency using NIST–GIAB Resources 
Yue Sarah Wang, CareDX Inc.

For more details on this year’s meeting, and to see the complete agenda check it out here.

See you in Orlando!

Events of Special Interest at the 16th Annual AGBT Meeting

agbt 2015It’s that time of year again when many genome scientists make their annual trip to one of the most important meetings of the year, Advances in Genome Biology & Technology (Feb 25-28, Marco Island, Florida). If you’re headed to AGBT, we invite you to visit us in Suite 284 to explore and discuss our latest projects, datasets, and tools.

We will be making two important announcements this year, detailing our collaborations with Pacific Biosciences and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. Visit us in Suite 284 to learn how these customers are using the DNAnexus platform to achieve their goals.

Events of Special Interest at AGBT
Genome Reference Consortium Workshop: Advancing the Human Reference Assembly
Wednesday February 25, from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM in the Palms Sabal room
DNAnexus is proud of our contribution to this computationally demanding achievement and pleased to be a sponsor of this workshop at AGBT. Reserve your seat here.

ENCODE Phase 3 Update
Friday February 27, at 10:40 AM in Suite 284
Join DNAnexus scientist Singer Ma for the latest information on ENCODE project data coordination, analysis, and access.

Lunchtime Workshop: Toward Comprehensive Genomes — Past, Present & Future
Friday February 27, at 12:00 PM in the Palms Ballroom
Hear Craig Venter, Gene Myers, Deanna Church, Jeong-Sun Seo, and Richard McCombie. This workshop will be of particular interest to attendees who are curious about whole genome assembly. Find out more and reserve your seat here.

PacBio Whole Genome Assembly on the DNAnexus Platform

Friday February 27, at 3:30 PM in Suite 284
Join DNAnexus technical development architect Andrey Kislyuk for a discussion on whole genome assembly with PacBio long-read data.

To learn more about DNAnexus and see a demo of the DNAnexus platform, visit us in Suite 284 at AGBT.  If you would like to schedule a personalized 1-on-1 demo, please send email to agbt15@dnanexus.com with your request.

For more details on the meeting, check out AGBT.

AGBT Conversation Centers on Data Analysis and Computational Challenges

AGBT DNAnexus Demo

Well, the 15th annual AGBT meeting certainly didn’t disappoint. Marco Island has always been a great conference for sequencing technology, but it was refreshing this year to see that much of the conversation has shifted away from the sequencing instruments themselves and toward other critical pieces of the workflow. Several plenary presentations discussed the challenges of data analysis, the need for faster computational algorithms, and the importance of affordable alternatives to local compute infrastructure.

One of the most anticipated talks of the meeting was from David Jaffe of the Broad Institute, who presented data produced by the MinIon and provided by Oxford Nanopore. However, the presentation did not cover genome sequencing with the device, so some attendees are hoping for more progress in the future.

An excellent presentation came from Daniel MacArthur at Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital, in which he talked about the analysis of genetic variation from an exome data set of 57,000 people. The interesting part was Daniel’s “57,000 + 1” problem — that is, how does it help to have this existing data set when every time you want to compare a single new exome to it, you have to run a massive all-by-all comparison again? It’s way too resource-intensive and time-consuming, especially if you’re thinking about clinical applications. We think more people will start looking to the cloud for their mega-scale genomic analysis and annotation projects.

Many attendees came to our lanai suite to find out more about how the DNAnexus platform can ease their computational resource headaches. It was great to hear that lots of people were already familiar with our Baylor College of Medicine collaboration for the CHARGE consortium data and were eager to learn how a similar cloud-based approach could work with their data.

One of the conference highlights for us was the new software demo event, which was held at the nearby Hilton. Our scientist Vince Ramey spent two solid hours showing off the DNAnexus platform to a jam-packed booth of attendees.

Many thanks to the attendees who met with us, and to the conference organizers for hosting such a fabulous event. We’re already looking forward to AGBT 2015!