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2022 Forecast: Responding to the Rising Tide of Diagnostic Tests

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has reached a turning point in diagnosing and treating rare and inherited diseases, and is overtaking traditional approaches in a wide variety of other indications as well, from cancer to rheumatology, transplants to non-invasive prenatal testing.  Lower sequencing costs improved reimbursement, and consumer demand is likely to drive the market even further. 

Businesses in this rapidly growing market sector have a lot to consider when it comes to technology. In a recent article in The Pathologist, David Fenstermacher, Vice President of Precision Medicine and Data Science, shares some tips to help laboratories leverage cloud-based informatics solutions. 

As he points out, cloud-based systems enable you to optimize analysis pipelines for quality, speed, runtime, and cost. They provide an environment that can flexibly scale to meet the demand for increased test volume, and are great for those looking to expand their footprint, either locally or globally.When it comes to security, compliance, and intellectual property (IP) protection, going with a purpose-built NGS informatics platform provided by a well-established, customer-focused, company can be invaluable. 

Ultimately, Clinical Diagnostics companies need to stay ahead of innovation. With a purpose-built NGS genomics platform, the latest technological advancements in cloud computing, analytics, knowledge or rich visualizations are already incorporated. Diagnostics teams can focus on what they do best, test development and delivery of results. 

Fenstermacher advises that labs ask themselves the following: 

  • How will the changing genetic testing landscape impact my operations and support needs?
  • Is my informatics system sufficient?
  • Is it scalable?
  • Does it give me the flexibility I need?
  • How does it handle quality, security, and compliance?
  • Can it help me improve my sample turnaround time or pipeline development?

“By keeping pace with technology and industry innovations in the NGS and genomics field, you can ensure that you are not only ahead of the tide, but making your own waves,” Fenstermacher said.

Read the full article here. 
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