New Org Admin Tools Available on DNAnexus

We are excited to announce the release of the Org Admin Interface, a new suite of tools to help manage groups of users and shared resources on the DNAnexus Platform.

What is an “Org”?

An Org, or Organization, is a DNAnexus entity that is used to manage a group of users. At a high level, Orgs can be used to associate users, projects, and other resources with one another in a way that models real-world collaborations. Orgs simplify management of data access, sharing, and billing.

Org Admins are users who are authorized to manage Org membership, configure access and projects associated with the Org, and oversee billing.

How do I use the Org Admin tools?

If you are the admin of an Org, you will be able to access the interface from the header of the DNAnexus Platform. From there, you’ll be able to navigate to all the Orgs you manage.

To learn more about Orgs on DNAnexus and how to use the Org Admin tools, please see the following guides:

Introduction to Orgs

Using the Org Admin tools

How do I create an Org?

If you would like to create an Org for your team, please contact One of our scientists will be happy to work with you to set up an org structure appropriate for your team.

I am a member of an Org. What tools are available for me?

Members can be granted access levels that vary, from basic access to shared projects and apps to the ability to create new projects billed to an Org. We have provided a guide for interacting with Orgs as a member here.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback about the Org Admin tools, please do not hesitate to contact us at