DNAnexus at Bio-IT World: Population-Scale NGS Studies Enter the Cloud

BioIT World 2015We are excited to be heading to Boston next week to participate in the annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo at the Seaport World Trade Center. Reflecting the needs and interests of attendees, the conference organizers have prepared a program featuring cloud computing as a central and pervasive topic. Cloud computing appears not only as its own dedicated track, but, in addition, as a focal point in many of the other conference tracks.

With twelve concurrent tracks in all, and so many great opportunities to learn about high-performance computing, data analysis, data security, IT management, and, of course, the cloud, it can be challenging to plan one’s own way around the conference. Here, for our customers and others interested in the most productive ways to manage and analyze genomic data, are our top recommendations:

To learn more about DNAnexus and see a demo of the DNAnexus platform, visit booth #217 in the exhibit hall at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo.

Back to Beantown: Kicking off Bio-IT World

Bio-IT World 2014This week the DNAnexus team is heading to Boston for the annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo, to be held at the Seaport World Trade Center. We look forward to this meeting every year for its tech-heavy focus on high performance computing, data analysis, and IT management.

This year for the first time, Bio-IT World will include a track on data security, a topic that’s of great importance to us. Fittingly, many of the talks in this track will focus on keeping genomic data secure in a clinical environment, which represents one of the biggest challenges for our community. DNAnexus proudly provides the ultimate level in genomic data protection in accordance with CLIA, HIPAA, GLP, ISO 27001, and other international regulatory standards, so that users in hospitals, diagnostic labs, and other clinical environments can rest assured their data are safe with us.

Other tracks we’ll keep a close eye on cover cloud computing, tools for data visualization and exploration, and collaborations. We’re eager to share information about the Mercury variant-calling pipeline uploaded by Baylor College of Medicine for the CHARGE project with conference attendees — it’s a great example of a complex workflow of analytical tools that got streamlined and optimized for performance in the cloud.

To learn about that project or to see how DNAnexus can help with your IT infrastructure needs, stop by booth #217 in the exhibit hall. We’d be glad to say hello!

Join Us at Bio-IT World for a Personalized Demo and Chance to Win an iPad Mini!

Next week kicks off the annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo, one of the best conferences dedicated to bioinformaticians and computational biologists. We look forward to it every year for the opportunity to rub elbows with die-hard developers, IT powerhouses, and the truly remarkable scientists who are just as comfortable working with lines of code as others are with lines of cells. Last year the meeting had more than 2,500 attendees from all over the world; it’s a can’t-miss venue for people who work hard to make sure the computational side of biology functions properly.

In that spirit, we hope to meet many of you at our booth (#311) for a personalized demo of the new DNAnexus, our cloud-based genomics platform. For the bioinformatics professional, the new DNAnexus eliminates up-front commitment to expensive hardware and maintenance. And since DNAnexus leverages Amazon Web Services for scalable and cost-effective data storage and computing, a research lab can access these resources, as there is need. The new DNAnexus is now in beta and you can request access for a free account today.IPad Mini Giveaway

To sweeten your personalized test drive of the new DNAnexus platform at Bio-IT World, we are giving away an iPad Mini! Here’s how to enter:

1. Sign up for a beta account
2. Upload your data so you can test-drive our system
3. Visit DNAnexus in booth #311 for a chance to win

DNAnexus scientists will be on hand to offer a custom data analysis and answer any questions you may have. This is a perfect opportunity to see how our new platform will perform in your lab! Even if you don’t have time to upload your data ahead of time, please stop by to learn more about the new platform and shoot the bioinformatics breeze.

Plus, join us in our booth for daily 10-minute mini-sessions during meeting breaks. We’ll be spotlighting a few new DNAnexus features, including compliance, collaboration and app building.

Wednesday – April 10th

10:00 am Instant Collaboration:
Compliance Meets Collaboration: Together at Last
Vince Ramey, Ph.D., Scientist, DNAnexus
3:30 pm App Building:
Build an App & Share With Your Team in 10 Minutes
Andrey Kislyuk, Ph.D., Sr. Engineer, DNAnexus

Thursday – April 11th

10:30 am App Building:
Build an App & Share With Your Team in 10 Minutes
Andrey Kislyuk, Ph.D., Sr. Engineer, DNAnexus
1:30 pm Instant Collaboration:
Compliance Meets Collaboration: Together at Last
Vince Ramey, Ph.D., Scientist, DNAnexus